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Last Update: 11/28/09 (as of comic #150)



Ron is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he has his moments of brightness. He tends to rush into things without thinking, and say the wrong thing at bad times. He seems to have a knack for driving others insane, even though he never tries to. Surprisingly enough, Ron is actually a bit of an archeology buff. Seriously? Who saw that coming?

Pokémon: Gastly, Wooper

First Comic Appearance: # 4 Winds of a New Beginning


Shawn is the voice of reason, and also often sarcastic. He doesn’t particularly like Ron too much sometimes, but chooses to hang out and travel with him for some reason. Though they don’t often seem to show it, they are best friends. Shawn used to idolize the hero from the Hoenn region, and decided to look like him for some reason. Shawn likes to carry around his lucky coin (a shiny coin with a Jirachi symbol) everywhere he goes. It seems to hold some sort of extreme sentimental value to him for reasons unknown. Fun fact: Shawn knows Rage.

Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Nincada

First Comic Appearance: # 4 Winds of a New Beginning


Taz is a new trainer as well. She met up with Ron and Shawn in Cherrygrove City after a thief stole a Pokémon from Professor Elm’s lab. She tends to be gentle most of the time, however, has been known to be a little crazy if provoked. Her biggest secret of all is that she is really Brittany Silph; daughter to the president of Silph Co. Despite the security risks involved, she still wants to go out on a Pokémon Journey by keeping this a secret from everyone. If the truth comes out, it might fall into the wrong hands…

Pokémon: Growlithe, Aipom

First Comic Appearance: # 9 Enter Taz


Blake is a more experienced trainer that saved the Mario Bros. from a Beedrill. He is also one of the very few trainers in the world that are blind. He use to live in New Bark Town, and was a good friend to Ron and Shawn. Blake has taken the liberty to train the Mario Bros to become official Pokémon Trainers. At least until the princess is rescued anyway.

Pokémon: Magnemite, Bayleef

First Comic Appearance: # 61 Is There No Hope?


Blake's Seeing Eye Magnemite (SEM) is quite perky. It can communicate with Blake via vibrated Morse Code. Well, it's actually not Morse Code, but that's an easier way of explaining what it is. Sam is very loyal to Blake, and never wants to be in a Pokéball for fear of Blake's protection. It doesn't seem to like Luigi very much. Probably because Luigi is convinced that Sam is some sort of robot, and he wants to know how it works. Actually, it's pretty shy around everyone other than Blake anyway.

Pokémon: ...itself?

First Comic Appearance: # 61 Is There No Hope?


Mario is willing to fight anything that is thrown at him without fear. After following Bowser to the Pokémon world in search of Peach, he is now stranded with his brother. He seems like the perfect hero, but he is a bit impatient, and believe it or not, Mario has a secret fear of sheep due to what can only be assumed as a horrible childhood experience with one.

Pokémon: Vulpix

First Comic Appearance: # 15 Lost


Mario’s cowardly brother. Luigi may be afraid of near anything, but he’ll brave through it if he needs to. Will he survive in the Pokémon world? Sick of spending too much time in Mario's shadow, Luigi has decided to venture with Mario to rescue Peach. During the times he's left alone, he has nothing to do but read books or use his computer. As such, he's become a bit of a nerd.

Pokémon: Mareep

First Comic Appearance: # 23 Plumbers Return



The King of the Koopas has come to the Pokémon world in search of power. He hopes to capture several Pokémon in order to take the Mushroom Kingdom by storm. He too is stranded, and has decided to hide in the Ruins of Alph, after the Mario Bros. caused him to crash his own ship. He claims that he never kidnapped Peach. Whether this is true or not, still needs to be confirmed...

Pokémon: Hopefully none.

First Comic Appearance: # 24 Where Do Plumbers Come From: Part 1


Bowser's most trusting and loyal servant. He's been around from the beginning of Bowser's reign, and is probably older than him to boot. Kamek is most famous for his magic use, usually to make his comrades grow to gargantuan sizes, and/or make them much stronger. Next to Bowser himself, Kamek is probably the greatest threat in the entire Koopa Clan.

Pokémon: Hopefully none.

First Comic Appearance: #141 It's Time For Plan B


A group of thieves once thought disbanded have now shown up again. They seem to be working for someone else this time around. Their goals are unclear at the moment, but it seems that they want to rid the world of the Mario Bros. and anyone else who stands in their way. Could their plans be far more complex than that?

Pokémon: Usually Poison Types

First Comic Appearance: # 29 Cue Bad Guys


This Team Rocket administrator is very protective of his rank. He's one of the four remaining Team Rocket admins, and was sent to take out the Mario Bros after early attempts failed. He often gets mocked by the rest of the admins for being the weakest, and for his bowl-cut. After failing to take care of the Mario Bros. it appears that he has gone into hiding. Could he be plotting revenge too? Whether he knows it or not, he is currently not working for Team Rocket anymore. No doubt he won't be too thrilled when he finds out...

Pokémon: Drapion

First Comic Appearance: # 71 Enter Delta


Cursed with a stupid name ("???" is his real name, believe it or not), this red-head is a very cunning thief, and doesn’t give up easily. Some people simply refer to him as "Mark". In fact, he prefers it. He stole the Totodile from Professor Elm's lab. He had been apprehended by the police, but quickly escaped, and is now after our heroes for revenge of some sort. Could there be more reasons than simple revenge?

Pokémon: Totodile

First Comic Appearance: # 54 A Cool Joke



In case you didn't know, she's the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. It's a very important job, for sure. Job description includes, but is not limited to: Looking after hundreds of mushroom people, and other various species, baking lots of cakes, and getting kidnapped by a fire breathing, mutant turtle named Bowser on a regular basis. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Of course, she's been kidnapped again (what a shock), but the mystery still remains... If Bowser says he didn't do it this time, who did? There seems to be more to this kidnapping than meets the eye...

Pokémon: Yeah... I doubt it...

First Comic Appearance: # 1 Another World


With Taz out on a journey, she’s gonna need a little security, and Brent fits the bill. He has a bad habit of sneaking up on people, even when not trying to. He’s been assigned to be her bodyguard in secret to make sure nothing bad happens, only coming out of hiding if he absolutely has to. Brent deeply cares for Taz, and doesn’t want to see her get into trouble. In fact, he doesn’t like the idea of her being on a journey at all to begin with. Brent seems to have contact with Taz' father, who is quite worried about Taz' safety lately.

Pokémon: Unknown

First Comic Appearance: # 91 That's My Stalker


These two trainers are obsessed with the Mario Bros. Their goal in life is to travel to the Mario Brother’s home planet to live with them. Will their dream come true? Lario is the leader of the group, while Muigi is the sidekick with few words. They don’t seem to battle much, if at all, since they have no interest in Pokémon battles. They've been tasked with the objective of finding Ron, Shawn, and Taz to warn them of Mark's escape. While searching, Muigi stumbled upon what seems like Shawn's lucky coin. He has no idea what it is though. Currently, they've given up looking in an attempt to meet the Mario Bros. by joining the Shroom League Tournament. Yeah... good luck with that...

Pokémon: Maybe some?

First Comic Appearance: # 41 Cameo? I Think Not


Professor Elm is one of the greatest minds on Planet Pokai. He sent Ron and Shawn on their way at the beginning of their journey. He seems to have many meaningless tasks to give trainers. Other than that, he's not really done much.

Pokémon: An indeterminable amount of Pokémon from various trainers

First Comic Appearance: # 8 Surprise Guest


This nutty professor often calls the Mario Bros. about various problems he has. Usually, he doesn't have any important problems though. Despite this, he is a brilliant inventor, and has created E. Gadd's Golden Square for the Mario Bros. This block can be hit to generate random items every five minutes. Hmm... That sounds familiar... E. Gadd periodically contacts the Mario Bros. with info about the happenings in the Mushroom Kingdom on Planet Amanita. He also seems very intrigued by Pokémon.

Pokémon: Zero chance of having any

First Comic Appearance: # 73 Egad! It's E. Gadd! (spoken lines only)


This Koopa is pretty shady. He claims to be a wanderer that goes by the name of Kobalt. Not much else about him is really known. In fact, he tends to vanish just as quickly as he appears. He seems to have no loyalty to Bowser, or anyone at all. Just what's his deal anyway? At least he has a cool cloak.

Pokémon: Doubt it.

First Comic Appearance: # 130 Taz Used Chatter!


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