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Last Update: 10/10/09

Ah, the extras page. Every cool comic has one now. Why did it take me so long to make one? I guess you could say that I'm fashionably late. You could say that...

On this page, you are likely to find all of my old works, as well as some newer things not important enough to be a comic update. So... you know... enjoy them. Or don't.

Old Comics

So... I'm sure you've heard somewhere that I actually got rid of a whole lot of old comics that used to be in the archives. Well, that's true, but I have a very good reason.

They suck.

If, for some reason you're insane enough to want to see them, I guess you can click on the links below.

WARNING!!! I am not held responsible for any head aches, eye melting, broken bones, decapitation, severed limbs, failure to live... well, you get the idea...

The original first 15 comics:

  • # 1 Welcoming Rant
  • # 2 The Author Blues
  • # 3 More Author Blues
  • # 4 It's Raining Plumbers
  • # 5 The Interview: Part 1
  • # 6 The Interview: Part 2
  • # 7 Sprite Comic
  • # 8 To Bee, or Not to Bee
  • # 9 Trainer Dex
  • # 10 Short Interview
  • # 11 Fight Scene
  • # 12 Knock on Wood
  • # 13 Did Someone Dare Say DS?
  • # 14 The Plot
  • # 15 Extra Space
  • Old comics from Chapter 1

  • # 16 Learning the Basics is For Squares
  • # 17 Catching Pokémon 101
  • # 18 You Caught A Something!
  • # 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Say That
  • # 20 Good Times to Back Away
  • A PA Christmas Carol

    Oh sure, I guess I have no reason not to link to this here. Check out this short comic series I did for a Christmas event back in 2007

    Click in this general area! (sorry, I don't have this uploaded to Smack Jeeves, just live with it)

    Other Images

    I sometimes make other images for things. Some of them aren't even related to the comic. Why are they here? I dunno. Shut up. Go away.

    Wait... don't... I forgot what I was doing for a moment.

  • This is Pokémon Shroom Version's old logo. It's not much different, I know, but the new one is much more refined.
  • The original title page for Pokémon Shroom Version was horrible. I don't know why I ever thought that was a good idea...
  • Silph Co. needed a new logo. Actually, they just needed a logo. I don't think they even had one.
  • Remember when I had a comic called Game0ver? Yeah, I don't either.
  • This is what I envisioned my Final Smash would be if I were a character in Brawl. If you don't get it, oh well.
  • Sprites

    What? I feel like sharing some of the basic poses for the main characters of Pokémon Shroom Version. This way, if you're so inclined, you could use them to make me a guest comic, some sort of tribute, or just steal them and use them without my permission. Lucky you!

    Of course, if you do use them for something, I would like some credit, and wouldn't mind being informed about it.

  • Basic Ron Sprites
  • Basic Shawn Sprites
  • Basic Taz Sprites
  • Basic Blake Sprites
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