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This page will likely contain spoilers related to the various items in the comic.
If you've not read the comic yet, I recommend coming back after you do so.

The purpose of this page is to help you understand the PokéBox, as well as other objects of interest, and how they work together.
It will also explain each item from the PokéBox that has appeared in the comic so far.

Last Update: 10/2/09 (as of comic #134)


The PokéBox is a device that recently hit stores world-wide in the Pokémon world; being advertised as something that will revolutionize Pokémon battles forever. And, really, who can blame them? The PokéBox functions oddly similarly to the question mark blocks of the Mario world. Once hit, it will spawn a random item. It has been said that almost anything can come out of these. Pokémon are able to absorb the items, and take on their powers. Keep in mind that the PokéBox can only be use once every five minutes, but the items can be stored for later use. It seems to have the ability to teleport items straight to the battlefield through the use of a remote. Only Pokémon that have been caught in a Shroom Ball can use these items.

First Comic Appearance: # 75 So it Begins...


E. Gadd’s Golden Square is a creation of (obviously) Professor E. Gadd. It was a gift to the Mario Bros. that is meant to help make their adventures easier. The PokéBox functions almost exactly the same way as the Golden Square does, so explaining it again here won’t do much. The key difference between the two is that the Golden Square works on any Pokémon, regardless of whether it was caught in a Shroom Ball or not. The Mario Bros. have the only one in existence.

First Comic Appearance: # 55 I Like Mine Scrambled


The Shroom Ball is a special Pokéball that allows captured Pokémon to use the powerful items from the PokéBox. Shroom Balls function just like any other Pokéball. In fact, there is talk about creating Great, Ultra, and even Master Shroom Balls. Basically, you have no excuse not to switch over.

First Comic Appearance: # 100 Cat's Outta the Bag!

And now for the items!


Mario Bros. Effect: Do I seriously have to explain this? Ugh… fine… In case you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, the Mushroom gives the Mario Bros. increased strength and height. Upon obtaining it, the Mario Bros. can become the Super Mario Bros!

Pokémon Effect: When a Pokémon takes on the powers of a Mushroom, their strength increases the equivalent of a few levels. In fact, if the Pokémon were to evolve soon, it will experience evolution for the duration of the Mushrooms effect.

First Comic Appearance: # 57 Luigi's Turn


Mario Bros. Effect: When using a Fire Flower, the Mario Bros. gain the ability to burn things. Simply put, they’re able to hurl fireballs. It has yet to be determined where exactly these fireballs come from…

Pokémon Effect: Pokémon that use a Fire Flower go through a pretty big transformation. For one thing, they may change colors. Pokémon that use the Fire Flower will be able to use various Fire type attacks that vary from species to species.

First Comic Appearance: # 56 Fried is Good Too


Mario Bros. Effect: Grabbing this magic Feather, the Mario Bros. will obtain a yellow cape that gives them the power to fly. Aiming downward from the air results in a devastating dive bomb attack.

Pokémon Effect: Yet to be determined.

First Comic Appearance: # 60 In Which Luigi Does Something


Mario Bros. Effect: This is the ultimate item. If a Mario Brother is lucky enough to find one of these, they will become invincible, but only for a few seconds. Taking advantage of this, they can plow right through their foes by just simply walking through them. It’s almost cheating!

Pokémon Effect: If a Pokémon gets this item, you better run for your life. Not only are they invincible, but all of their attacks are now extremely powerful. Take extreme caution when daring to use this item. Thankfully for the opponent, it still only lasts for a few seconds.

First Comic Appearance: # 88 A Not Stupid Move


Mario Bros. Effect: This odd powerup gives the Mario Bros. bunny ears. These ears, for some reason, give the Bros. the ability to flap them and hover in mid-air to cross gaps. Hey, no one ever said these powerups had to make sense.

Pokémon Effect: Yet to be determined.

First Comic Appearance: # 122 Eat Your Greens!


Mario Bros. Effect: WARNING! If you see a Poison Mushroom, do not, I repeat, DO NOT even touch it. Poison Mushrooms secrete a highly toxic substance that can be absorbed by a Mario Brother's skin, and cause great physical harm temporarely. No one knows what happens if they take on the powers of this powerup. I'm not sure they want to know...

Pokémon Effect: Pokémon are not as harsly effected by taking on the powers of a Poison Mushroom. They will, however, be poisoned. In fact, this poison is so contagous, physical attacks against opponents will poison them as well. Furthermore, Poison type Pokémon can use them unharmed, and enhance the toxic nature of their attacks. Steel type Pokémon seem to be immune to this powerup.

First Comic Appearance: # 127 Mycophobia


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